Canadian Views on the Open Internet

There is something uniquely powerful about everyday people having access to a globally connected, open platform that allows them to share art, stories, ideas and opinions from almost anywhere. In a country as large and diverse as Canada, the ability to connect instantaneously across literal and metaphorical distances via the Internet is particularly precious.

Canadians are well aware of this, and have taken opportunities to speak out about the need to preserve an open, accessible Internet, notably during the CRTC’s hearings on traffic management in 2009. While the open Internet movement in Canada has been slower to assemble than in the US, net neutrality and more recently, usage-based billing have been hotly debated in the press, in parliament, and in public forums across the country. In this section, we survey the diverse groups that have spoken out in favour of net neutrality, in order to give an overview of the depth and breadth of support in Canada.

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